30×30 house plan

30×30 house plan

It is built in an area of 30×30 house plan i.e. 900 sq ft house, this is a 30 * 30 house plan with car parking, in this plan you are getting kitchen, hall, and common bathroom along with 2 bedrooms. You are getting this house plan with all facilities, you can also install solar panels here, you can install a solar water heater, which will save electricity and solar energy will also be used properly. A very large parking area is not given in this house plan, the size of the parking area is 8×7, here you can do parking as well as gardening.

30x30 house plan
30×30 house plan

From here onwards comes the drawing-room, this room has been kept big because the drawing-room looks very nice and if the interior of the room is also done well then it is even better. After this, there is a chimney system in the kitchen, a sink is also built and a small wash area is also made near the kitchen, where you can clean your stuff.

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30 * 30 house plan with car parking

The kitchen is built in an area of 8×7 and the wash area is built in an area of 6×4. And there is a common washroom near the kitchen, it is built in such a place that it will be accessible to everyone, it is exactly the same as the guest room and it is also close to the bedroom, its size is 7×6’5. After this we move on to the master bedroom, this room has a very nice interior and the bed in this room is also built-in and the wardrobe is also wall-mounted, the size of this room is 14×13’5 and this room There is also an attached bathroom in it, whose size is 6×6.

 900 sq ft house plans 2 bedroom

After this, let’s move on to the second bedroom, there is no attached bathroom in this room, this room has been kept simple but in this room also wall mounted wardrobes and beds are made as before, and the size of this room is 13×12 and this room is a large window has also been placed and a ventilator is also installed on top of it. This house plan has been specially designed with only 2 bedrooms, in this, you will also get all kinds of facilities and then you can do whatever changes or new things you want to do.

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