30 x 40 house plan east facing 2bhk

This is a 30 x 40 house plan east facing 2bedroom house plan. And there is a 25 m wide road in front of this beautiful house and has houses adjacent to it, This plan has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a bathroom kitchen, and a living room or hall, this 2bhk is made in accordance with the Vastu, with enough amount of space. Also parking and a living room large enough to put all the essential things needed in the living room like sofa, tv and so on. Parking is in the right corner of the entrance with a staircase.

30 x 40 house plan
30 x 40 house plan

parking size 10×19 which is more than enough to park your car, the door to the living room makes it easier to access directly from the parking, the living room is [18″4’×16″4’×10″4′ ](approx), the main entrance to the house is in the east side, this is to reduce the distance to reach other parts of the house and it also provides isolated area, Right alongside with main entrance, we have a dining room, the dining area is in front of the kitchen and in the area of the living room.

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This house is suitable for a family of 4, it also has a common bathroom in the Dining area and a bathroom attached to a master bedroom the size of the master bedroom is approx( 14″8’×10) and the size of the bathroom attached with it is about {10″0’×5″4′}, the second bedroom is approx {13″4’×10″4′}the living room is the center area of this plan it has a common bathroom of size (7″0’×4″8′) the living room have access to 4 areas through its doors and it’s still very close to the entrance, we have a kitchen in the side of the dining and bedroom in the side,

Kitchen size (11″4’×10″0′) is also enough with storeroom 10’8’x’7’and to make it extra spacious the use of modular fittings is a must and for ventilation, the washing area in the south side of the kitchen gives the necessary amount of light and air to keep this space hygienic and this space also provides ventilation to the bedrooms.

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  1. […] Now look at this garden space and from here you see that you have approximately 80 square meters here and you can have as an idea a swimming pool area on this side on the other side you can have a gazebo or even an enclosed air-conditioned space if you’d like or you can just leave it as is and just make it a relaxing zen garden for you and your family. From this perspective, you can see how clean and refreshing the facade of the house is even from the back you also have an access way here leading to the service area, and on this site you have your water tank on an added note this tree over here we kept this because this is a fruit-bearing calamansi tree so you can see that you already have something that you can use if you have pancit or sushi at home so it’s up to you if you want to keep this tree or not and from here you see that you have access on this side leading towards your living area on this other side you have another bench space and access to the side of the house towards the front. And now let’s head back in towards the living space and now let’s head on over towards the main kitchen. Your main kitchen is a beautiful contrast to the rest of the house because of these charcoal dark colored cabinetry and you have a nice contrast once again with your marble counter top you have plenty of space to maneuver all around such that you can even have an island counter top right here you already have a built-in cushion branded range hood and you already have a provision here for the exhaust on an added note you also have pull out stainless steel drawers here and on this side you can even turn it like this for fast access so this is a great pantry space even this area has a spacing for your forks knives and other utensils see so those are nice touches which aren’t usually put in brand new houses but they’re already built in here on the other side here you have a space for your refrigerator and you just have a nice partition space over here just to give a clear border for your kitchen area leading to your dining space you can just imagine having a nice time here with your family and then looking out seeing your dining space and then seeing your patio and garden area and if you plan to have a pool over there this is going to be a beautiful site and now from your main kitchen let’s take a look through this access door towards your service area there so once again this house is finished construction that’s why we’re doing a bit of general cleaning but you can see that the whole service area is already completed in terms of the structure it’s well it and you have an opaque polycarbonate roofing here so you see that it’s not completely blocked off in terms of the sunlight so this is a great drying area as well and you see that you have a stainless steel sink area which we are going to be placing here and you already have a grease trap on this side and you have an additional security gate here leading to the garden space okay so this is a great access area especially if you’re having barbecues it’s easy to bring the food in and out of the patio space without going through this whole area and now let’s take a look at your mead’s quarters East facing house vastu plan 30×40 duplex. […]


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