30 X 20 House Plans

This house plan is built in an area of 600 sqft, the width of this plan is 30 and the length is 20, it is a 1BHK 30 x 20 house plan, in which everything from parking to wash area is made and this is an east facing house plan. The plan starts from the parking area where the vehicle can be parked and the staircase is also made in this area, the size of this entire area is 8×16. On entering inside, comes the hall whose size is 10×18, this area can be used for both living and dining.

There are 3 bedrooms in this plan, in which only one bedroom has an attached bathroom, now we see the size of all the rooms. The size of the first bedroom is 10×11, this room can also be made a children’s room, you can keep a double bed in this room, you can keep a study table for the children to read.

30 x 20 house plans
30 x 20 house plans

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30×20 House Plan East Facing

This house plan is a 2BHK ground floor plan. This plan is built in an area of 600 sqft. This plan is the South-facing house plan. The first in this plan comes the parking area, whose size is 8×12, here the car can park the bike, in this area, there is a staircase so that you can go to the terrace, and toilet under the stairs.

Also remains, whose size is 3×6. On entering inside, comes the hall whose size is 10×20, from this room a gate has been given to go to the toilet built under the stairs. From the living area, you can go to the first bedroom of the plan, which is 8×10 in size, it can also be used as a children’s room.

30 X 20 House Design

On walking beyond the hall, there is a 4 feet wide gallery, through which one can go to the rest of the rooms and the kitchen, then the first comes to the kitchen whose size is 8 × 10 and the wash area is also made adjacent to it.

After the kitchen comes to the second bedroom whose size is 10×10 and next to this room there is a common washroom, whose size is 7×4. The attached bathroom is not kept in any of the rooms of this plan. After this room comes the next bedroom, whose size is 14×10, TV cabinets are made in all the rooms of this plan, you can put them wherever you like to put this plan is made with complete modular fittings. This house plan is built on a plot of length and width of 30×20 house plans.

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The 25 x 40 house plan

30 x 20 house plans
30 x 20 house plans

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