30 x 20 house plans
30 x 20 house plans

30 X 20 House Plans

This house plan is built in an area of 600 sqft, the width of this plan is 30 and the length is 20, it is a 1BHK 30 x 20 house plans, in which everything from parking to wash area is made and this is an east facing house plan. The plan starts from the parking area where the vehicle can be parked and the staircase is also made in this area, the size of this entire area is 8×16. On entering inside, comes the hall whose size is 10×18, this area can be used for both living and dining. There are 3 bedrooms in this plan, in which only one bedroom has an attached bathroom, now we see the size of all the rooms. The size of the first bedroom is 10×11, this room can also be made a children’s room, you can keep a double bed in this room, you can keep a study table for the children to read.

After this room, we move on to the second bedroom, whose size is 8×11, it can be made a common bedroom or can also be used as a guest room. After this comes the master bedroom, whose size is 11×10, in this room, you can keep a double bed, you can make wardrobes and this room also has an attached bathroom, whose size is 6×3, there is also a TV unit. . In this plan, the kitchen has been made modular, whose size is 7×13 and the wash area is also made adjacent to it, whose size is 7×5.

30 x 20 house plans
30 x 20 house plans

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30×20 House Plan East Facing

This house plan is a 2BHK ground floor plan. This plan is built in an area of 600 sqft. This plan is the South-facing house plan. The first in this plan comes the parking area, whose size is 8×12, here the car can park the bike, in this area, there is a staircase so that you can go to the terrace, toilet under the stairs. Also remains, whose size is 3×6. On entering inside, comes the hall whose size is 10×18, from this room a gate has been given to go to the toilet built under the stairs. From the living area, you can go to the first bedroom of the plan, which is 8×12 in size, it can also be used as a children’s room.

On walking beyond the hall, there is a 4 feet wide gallery, through which one can go to the rest of the rooms and the kitchen, then the first comes to the kitchen whose size is 8 × 10 and the wash area is also made adjacent to it. After the kitchen comes to the second bedroom whose size is 10×9 and next to this room there is a common washroom, whose size is 7×4. The attached bathroom is not kept in any of the rooms of this plan. After this room comes the next bedroom, whose size is 14×9, TV cabinets are made in all the rooms of this plan, you can put it wherever you like to put this plan is made with complete modular fittings.

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30 X 20 House Design

This house plan is built on a plot of length and width of 30×20 house plans, in this plan you are getting open space on both the front and backside and there is also a parking area on the front side where you can park your vehicles. The plan starts with the parking area and lawn, the parking area is big enough in which you can park cars and bikes, the size of this area is 9×13. The lawn is also quite big, here you can plant trees of your choice. Ongoing inside the house comes to the living/dining area, which is 11×20 in size, you can put a TV here, you can keep a sofa set and a 4 seater dining table can also be kept.

In the dining area itself, there is a staircase case, which can lead to the terrace, and below the CD, there is a common 5×4 washroom. Moving beyond the dining area, comes the kitchen which has been made modular and also has a 13×5  wash area adjacent to it. Then comes the master bedroom which is 10×11 in size. This room also has a 6×5 attached bathroom. All the rooms in this house plan have windows and there is also a ventilator, the interior decoration of all the rooms has also been done very well. In the image, you can see everything very well.

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30 X 20 Square Feet House Plan

30 x 20 house plans 600 square feet plot area the house is outlined for a family that desires to stay close to nature, we designed an adobe to be very functional and spacious as well, elevation strikes a balance between solidity and transparency the facade is flanked by balconies at a different level and boxes are used as elements to add character, a miss pergola jollies and glass railings are features that are added to give a creative look, green front lawn and the car park is placed at the entrance of the 30 x 20 house plans the internal zonal articulation is kept simple with common semi-private and private zones living dining and kitchen are placed linearly which faces the beautiful views of the backyard the central zen garden was strategically created to establish visual links and connectivity in all three dimensions.

formal living area holds the staircase and faces the central zen garden, the guest bedroom is placed at the front and faces the front green lawn, a staircase takes us to the central living area on the first floor three bedrooms are designed on the first floor with a toilet attached to the wood and metal become the key elements to design the panel and furniture, the master bedroom is kept at the front with a study area and balcony that faces the road, the balcony is semi-paved and landscape to keep the space open connected and in sync with nature, the second floor has an open common space and opens up to the landscaped balcony.

30 x 20 house plans
30 x 20 house plans

this floor also holds three bedrooms with toilets attached to them, the front bedroom also connects to the balcony bedrooms are so planned that they connect to all green spaces design inside and outside of the house interior color scheme is conceptualized to be a neutral and material palette, minimal, the house has a unique representation which merges with the nature in a contemporary design look, used differently at different spaces against the subtle backdrops of white and grey the materials are then overlaid with pastel furnishings and accessories designed to satisfy the dual purpose from the terrace is planned to be green with loose furniture whereas the back terrace is stepped up to hold the swimming pool and deck area.

30 X 20 House Design

Today we present a design review of 600 sqft plot area. a three-story dwelling is designed with one bedroom open kitchen formal drawing room home theater green set-out balconies and Vastu compliant this adobe is designed on a corner plot with two wide roads faces towards north and west. this dwelling stands strong with two side elevations giving a major facade view to the roadside. the exterior is designed with the different and simple use of elements like brickwork concrete texture and white paint. wooden jelly is used on the major part of the facade to filter the direct sunlight and provide cozy sitting spaces large sit-out balconies shaded pergolas and planters enhancing the elegant view of the facade.

northside has a dedicated entrance that leads to the car parking area at the corner we also have a beautiful landscape garden. secondary entrance flies you straight towards the double-height formal drawing-room.

on the backside of the house, we have a linearly aligned kitchen dining and pooja area that overlooks towards the backyard pooja area is kept at the northeast corner and kitchen at the southeast as per the Vastu. on the ground floor, we also have a bedroom with an attached toilet the spacious bedroom overlooks the front side landscape garden. staircase leading you towards the first floor. upper floor peaks down connecting the two-floor visually gives a feeling of calm and unity at the corner we have a dedicated area to the family lounge which has an attached balcony two bedrooms are arranged at the front side of the house has an attached toilet and balcony along with it interior kept simple with warm color tone.

the large l-shaped sit-out balcony gives a beautiful view towards the roadside. one bedroom is arranged at the backside of the house has an attached balcony to it. the second floor has a party hall with two bedrooms attached toilet and a home theater. the interior blends well with the exterior facade that spoke out to be bold and strong with the sense of calm and purity wooden studs and white textured gray night used on the backdrop wall calm the overall glance.

A home theater provided at the corner creates an evoking and drama space for the family. rear sit out the balcony at the northeast gives a more relaxing and pleasant corner to the family. moving on towards the terrace area. the large green set-out terrace has a shaded pergola with ms and wooden elements that play with light and shadow home and independence this is an overall dream project that speaks out its own story of process and beautification with its detailings.

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