15 50 house plan

15 50 house plan

15 50 House Plan This is a ground floor plan made in a 15×50 square feet area. This is a 15 50 house plan 2BHK ground floor plan. The interior of this house has been done well but the exterior has also been well taken care of because both things should be taken care of … Read more

15×50 house plan west facing

15x50 house plan

15×50 house plan west facing This is a 15×50 house plan. This house plan has 3 bedrooms, it is a 3 BHK ground floor plan. All types of facilities are available in this 15×50 house plan west facing. If there are all kinds of facilities in the house, then household chores become easy. Along with … Read more

naksha 15 * 50 house plan

naksha 15 50 house plan

Naksha 15 * 50 house plan It is a single-story building house plan of 15×50 house plan. While designing the naksha 15 * 50 house plan, it has been kept in mind that both light and air come well in the house because many times the light goes out, then natural light does not come … Read more