20×50 house plan west facing vastu

This plan is a 20×50 house plan west facing Vastu with 850 square feet area. The specialty of this floor plan is that in this you get a very good facility.

A good interior and there is a lot of open space in the house for fresh air, because fresh air is very important in today’s time. This coronavirus has told us the value of fresh air/oxygen.

Now we should also understand how important fresh air is for us. The plan is a 3 BHK and double-story building. This plan has 3 bedrooms, hall, kitchen and common bathroom. Above is also the same room as it is below. Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms, hall, kitchen, 1 room with attached bathroom and 1 common washroom.

20x50 house plan west facing vastu
20×50 house plan west facing vastu

20×45 house plan

No matter how good we make the house, it does not seem to have a good interior design. If the house has a good interior, then the overall look of the house changes.

We are discussing another 20×50 house plan west facing Vastu. This plan comes in an area of 1200 square feet. When a person builds a house. he wants that there is no shortage of any kind, he tries to make it perfect. no one wants any kind of deficiency in his house.

Today’s era of competition If everyone wants to get ahead of each other, then we will tell you such a plan which is completely different. it is our job to give you unique ideas. So let’s come now, we will get a lot of facilities in this plan on our plan.

Dimension of 20×50 house plan west facing

Dimensions of the floor plan are 2 bedrooms, 1 hall, 1 kitchen, the dining area is adjacent to the kitchen, and the wash area is also given separately. The size of the bedrooms is different like the first room is 12 × 12 and the second 15 × 10.

And the third is 11 × 11. One bedroom also has an attached bathroom, the house is east-facing. It also takes care of Vastu.

the interior of the house is good and the color is also done well then the color combination is taken care of. the house starts to look more beautiful. for indoor, we always use bright colors.

Because the light spreads well, in the room we can do color combinations of many colors like light purple and blue. orange and light yellow, such many colors combination We can use it to make our home beautiful.

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