20×30 house plan

20×30 house plan with 2 bedrooms

Today we have seen a very beautiful 20×30 house plan with car and bike parking. In this plan, one big living hall for a five-person family, with all necessary home furniture, like a king-size sofa, a big glass table, and a television cabinet. With proper lighting, fail ceiling, etc. let’s move ahead then we are seen the toilet area.

20x30 house plan
20×30 house plan

Its dimension 8 feet by 4 feet 8 inches. The size of the toilet is good enough for bath and WC purposes. It has a water heater at top of the ceiling for a warm water supply in the winter season.

20×30 duplex house plans east facing with car parking

It is necessary for everyone to have a house, and in today’s time, we can give a very attractive appearance to houses.

900 sq ft house plans 2 bedroom Indian style

some people also give a lot of importance to Vastu, so this plan is for those people. You have the main door east direction. Getting towards The porch/parking area is everyone’s place nowadays because everyone likes it a little open, and is also good for standing the vehicle.

This is a 1 BHK 20×30 house plan

so you will get 1 bedroom in it. Our main gate is from the porch, first comes our living room which is very luxurious and has plenty of space. Moving from the living room comes the dining area which has a lot of space and a common washroom, which is fitted with a kitchen.

20×30 3 Bedroom House Plans

In this plan, you get a modular kitchen. it also has a chimney and a large window to view the outside. Going beyond the dining area comes our master bedroom. In this room, you will get all the facilities. it has a wardrobe, TV cabinet and also a space for a dressing table.

Along with this, there is another washroom in the bedroom which also has a wash area in it, you can also put washing machines in it.

20 by 30 indian house plans east facing

In this house you will get everything according to Vastu because if you see, the kitchen should be at the firing angle, and in this house, it is the same, thus everything is according to Vastu.

20×30 duplex house plans south facing

20 30 duplex house plans west facing

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