20×30 house plan

20x30 house plan

20×30 house plan with 2 bedrooms Today we have seen a very beautiful 20×30 house plan with car and bike parking. In this plan, one big living hall for a five-person family, with all necessary home furniture, like a king-size sofa, a big glass table, and a television cabinet. With proper lighting, fail ceiling, etc. … Read more

20×30 3 Bedroom House Plans

20x30 3 bedroom house plans

Stylish and Practical 20×30 3 Bedroom House Plans for Comfortable Living This is a 20×30 3 bedroom house plans with car parking. The plan includes a 2bhk layout and covers 600 sq ft. Welcome to our house plan configuration site, which is designed to help planners. This is a house plan for a 600 square … Read more