15×30 house plan with car parking

15×30 house plan with car parking 3 bedrooms

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you about a very beautiful house which is a 15×30 house plan with a car parking plot. The biggest feature of this plot is that the road in front of it is 20 feet wide. There are houses on the side and the house is also built on the backside. Today we are going to make this plan.

It is a 3BHK duplex plan along with Pooja and a big car parking which has a big living room on the ground floor. which is It is very beautiful in which there is space to put all the things needed.

15x30 house plan with car parking
15×30 house plan with car parking

As soon as we move a little, we see that a staircase is on which leads upwards. on the first floor, but we do not have to go down there. then moving down then there comes a dining area which is attached to the bedroom and kitchen. The dining area is also very big, let’s go beyond that. let us see that there is a very big kitchen on the right side which is a modular kitchen. it also has all the things needed.

15 x 30 house plan 2bhk

Moving a little further to the kitchen, we see that there is a wash basin. sink, as well as a small storeroom, go behind it. then there will be a wash area in which the washing machine is kept.

there is a cut-out in the slab of the wash area from which the light comes. With this, the light is going on in the bedroom as well. then we come back and see that there is a master bedroom attached to the dining room with a big bed and a TV cabinet.

A wardrobe can be made and a big window is installed and we see that the most important thing about this plan is that it has very big parking, it is as big as a bedroom. then it has an attached toilet and as we come out of the bedroom. let’s see That there is a pooja room which is small, with a staircase up from its side.

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