Modern single floor house design
Modern single floor house design

Modern single floor house design

Hello, welcome to your beautiful home. The elevation is very beautiful in size 25 feet models come in modern single floor house design, Today we are going to tell you about an elevation which is a small size elevation single floor. this is india and we’d like to welcome you to a brand new design house plan tour now for the best quality Modern single floor house design in gujrat don’t forget to follow us on and subscribe to us on  now today we are presenting a striking modern five bedroom house a lot for sale located just minutes away from commonwealth avenue indore city this property has a floor area of 140 square meters and a lot area of 150 square meters now let’s begin by taking a look at this facade it has porcelain tiles running through the first to the third level with a lot of glass and a classic horizontal clapboard design which complements the rest of the aesthetic very well in addition it has a modern touch with a stainless steel gate for your two carport area and for your pedestrian gate now let’s head on in so you have marble all throughout here leading to the entrance and on this side you have your cardboard space the horizontal clap board design is consistent with what you have with the facade and they also have it here across the parking area they have a high ceiling and a white wooden design which also gives it a very minimalist feel now this is where you have your septic tank storage for fast access also you have access here towards your service area and then on this side you see that they haven’t begun the landscaping yet because that will be put in once a buyer has given a reservation for the property this is to ensure that it’s very well maintained you have access here towards the side of the house towards the swimming pool area that we’re going to explore later but.

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Now let’s head on back towards the main entry so from these steps you see that the house is elevated by one to two feet from the street level you have a wood door for your entrance and a digital door lock as well let’s go now welcome to your beautiful home so you have an open layout here for your living space you have a high ceiling of about three meters you have an accent wall here on this side and you have a large corner window here giving you a lot of natural light in terms of the orientation of the house the east side of the property is on this side that’s why you have all these windows letting in the natural light and also to keep the whole home cool i’d also like to note that all the windows have a tint so that even in the middle of the day the house is very comfortable okay so you can fit a large uh salad set on this side you have multiple plugs all around literally every five to six feet you have plugs already so no worries about all your electrical gadgets and on this side you have your powder room floor to ceiling tiles you have an exhaust here and this also serves as a full bath space already with a shower area.

Modern Single Storey House Plans

Now heading back out here’s another perspective i’m going to stand here at the corner and then let’s head down over here in addition this house already has six air conditioning units so you already have one here in your main living space and you have this staircase here which leads all the way to the third level the staircase is wood in terms of the material used also for the railings this is thick tempered glass very sturdily installed and another great feature of this house is it has a ground floor dense space let’s take a look here there so this area already has a split tight air conditioning unit here and what’s nice is it has a high ceiling this window looks out towards the parking area and you have a very striking and elegant tiles for the flooring it contrasts very well with the all white walls and the cove light as well so this can be maximized as either a bedroom a guest room since you already have a shower area for your powder room and you can also maximize this as a home office if you’d like and of course i think you’ve already noticed it this house is so unique because this home has an indoor swimming pool area.


So this is a view of the entire pool space you see that in terms of the depth there’s a slight variation in terms of uh the depth but it ranges from about three and a half to about four and a half feet and what’s nice is they even have pool seats here so i’m gonna walk down so that you can see the depth my height is about five feet ten inches so a person who’s about five feet high would be up to here so it’s still a very comfortable height terms of uh maximizing the pool space so they haven’t filled up the area yet this came this water he just came from a little rainfall and this entire area is going to be covered and you have a waterfall feature coming down from here i’d also like to point out you have a tiled accent wall beside the waterfall area which has that wave design so it feels very relaxing and the whole color scheme also feels very minimalist at the same time so this area over here this is where you have the pump area of the swimming pool just so you have an orientation okay and the swimming pool of course you see it has lights and it also has bubble jets in addition the tiling that we have here is a grey wooden design but it’s also not slippery which is very important especially.

If you have family members running around here so they make sure to have material here for the flooring that is safe especially for this amenity area and this entire side patio leads to the front of the house so you can imagine in the future that corner area is going to have landscaping and a patch of greenery over there now let’s head back in and this door leads to your dining area and mean kitchen. Do So this house is very intelligently designed because there is a specific area that’s dedicated for the dining space for the living space for the pool area they were able to maximize the design of the property so well I’m talking about the designers and owners of the property and you see that it also has that ceiling height here they made sure to have cove lighting throughout the space so this is where you’ll have your dining table and such a functional kitchen space you have an island countertop which can serve as an informal dining area you have a range hood you have an LPG stove here already you have a fryer from in terms of the brand and then here you have an induction stove with an oven and you have an additional range hood here so on the other side you have a double stainless steel sink here lots of storage space and you even have access here to the breakers.

Single Story Modern House Plans

So here as an added note they even made sure to have additional lighting which adds to the aesthetic of the kitchen area and here already included with property other than all these appliances you have this LG branded refrigerator now in terms of functionality you have a double sink there you have a second sink here on the other side so you can use this for quickly washing some vegetables and then that is for heavier preparation so there’s so much that you can do in terms of the different areas and it’s very functional in terms of maneuvering around your kitchen space now in terms of utility heading out here you have an additional service area so this is your laundry and service area on this side this is where you can have your washing machine that’s why they already have plugs here functionality wise you already have a provision here.

Modern Single Storey House Plans
Modern Single Storey House Plans

If you want to have a generator set so you can potentially have it in this area and then you have access to your parking space from here now we’re shooting this late in the afternoon to the early evening and you see that the whole space is very well lit and this property also has staff quarters so let’s take a quick look so I’m going to step in so this house just is about to finish construction that’s why you have some items here if you see some things that need to be finished we’re going to have that all handled the owners are going to have that all handled within the next few weeks okay and then on this side you have the bath space so there’s enough room here for a bed or a double bump bed and then it’s going to be covered as I mentioned before okay set back in there so the after exploring the first level shows you how well planned and laid out the entire ground level is now we’re going to head on over towards the second level where we have four rooms.

Welcome to Modern single floor house design to the second level of the home and we’re going to begin with the master bedroom so the first thing that you notice upon entering the second level is you have parque flooring for the entire second level so here you have your master bedroom this is a spacious room very well laid out it has an excellent shape almost a square shape so there are a lot of configurations in terms of your furniture you can have your bed over here or even on this side or even on this side it’s up to you how you want to maximize it you have a large corner window here you have cove lighting i’m gonna stand here so you can see how high the ceiling is this is easily about nine feet or more and you have a split type air conditioning unit here as well and it has a wraparound corner balcony here and now let’s take a look here your balcony spacious you have a tempered glass barrier for the balcony and a stainless steel railing which is consistent with the design of the front gate so this uh this is a space that you can just relax in you can have a table here and i like how smooth and consistent the design of the flooring is with the rest of the theme of the entire house it feels modern but at the same time it’s a great complement to the design of the facade and the more that we get into the evening the more dramatic the lighting gets with these lights against the marble design of the facade now let’s head back in.

Single Story Modern House

Back here in the primary bedroom let’s now take a look at your walk-in closet space and bathroom, So the walk-in closet space is a functional area you have two sides here you have almost full-length mirror you have storage up here to the top they even made sure to have lights and then when you open it up you have additional storage here and I like to point out that they made an area here where you have aluminum drawers which is something that also lasts quite well and is also very sturdy and you also get to see your clothes right away and here you have a glass window leading to. Your master bathroom has a rainfall showerhead here the tiles that they used for all the bathrooms are important Spanish tiles you have a bathtub already here on the other side a dual vanity sink space in your water closet it’s well ventilated because you have these two large windows also okay so functional and complete in terms of features let’s head back out now from the master bedroom let’s now take a look here at the third room so this room is facing the east side of the property that’s why you have all these windows at the corner and this also leads to the striking facade of the front of the house and you have built-in cabinetry here they make sure that they have lights there and you still have the Parque flooring okay and it has an ensuite bathroom so every bathroom has a different and unique design now for the for this one it has a textured design.


Now let’s take a look at two other rooms you know as walking around this property it’s amazing how they maximize the space because on top of these two rooms that we’re going to take a look at which are the fourth and fifth rooms they were even able to have a linen closet space here okay and now let’s take a look here at our fourth room. So the fourth bedroom is also facing because this is the east side of the property that’s how you have the windows here please do check out how high the ceilings are for a three-level property they were able to maximize the ceiling heights across the two levels which are uh which is great because sometimes when because of height restrictions in certain villages the first and second levels don’t have as high a ceiling as uh it can be but that’s not a problem for this property okay you have built-in cabinetry and another thing here is you have a balcony here. So this balcony is unique because it’s facing the back of the house and it’s shared access between the two rooms here the fourth and fifth rooms have a shared balcony so there’s a door here which leads to the fifth room which we’ll explore later now heading back in let’s take a look first here so you have another bathroom I like how they make sure that you have large windows for the bathrooms to make sure that you have ventilation and even the size of the exhaust fan is notable and now let’s take a look at the fifth room.

One Storey Modern House Design Modern single floor house design

So the fifth room is once again a corner room it’s facing the west side of the property so in the afternoons this is also very well lit ceiling height once again you see you have cove lighting you have built-in cabinetry and then as i mentioned before this is the shared balcony space and here you have the shared balcony space and it even winds all the way around here giving you a view of your service area now let’s head back in so this setup is excellent especially for siblings and if you want access between your family members and it’s also a great way to maximize the entire property and of course the fifth room also has its own bathroom once again a different design contrasting tiles for the bath space . . Based on the features that i already showed for the first and second level this is already a jam-packed property in terms of amenities but on top of that we now have a third level for the property let’s take a look now we’re here at the third level and talk about maximizing space they have an additional carpeted room here so there’s a slat already because it’s following the shape of the roof but you see this can be used as a play room or even a storage space it’s up to you how you want to maximize it they have an electrical outlet here if you want to potentially install an air conditioning unit so it’s up to you how you want to maximize the space and finally you have an outdoor third level roof day.

Now welcome to the roof deck it’s lightly drizzling now but this is one of the perks of having a roof deck like this you have fresh air you’re able to enjoy the weather you can have a space here for a family gathering for parties get-togethers or even just a quiet place to exercise this is great as a meditation area or even an outdoor yoga or workout space and this is very well secured because of the stainless steel railings here secured tempered glass barrier throughout the space it gives you an open feel and what I like about this deck space is it has a lot of privacy from the street level in terms of the angle you can’t be seen that much from people are walking down on the street because of the angle of the positioning. Also, visit more posts like Modern single floor house design to visit over the website.

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