40 x 60 house plans

40 x 60 house plans


40 x 60 house plans
40 x 60 house plans

This is the 40 x 60 house plans east facing area (40×60) and consists of 2 blocks it is a west-facing house with big parking and a staircase in this parking two big vehicles can be parked the best thing about this house is that it has great space and in accordance with the Vastu and has a road on both of its sides and also Houses on both sides this house plan has two blocks and each block has two big bedrooms with attached washrooms, kitchen and big and beautiful drawing room/ living area.

40 * 60 house plan

On each side of the house, there’s an open area. The open area is about ( 29’4″×7’8″) and as we enter the house there’s a big parking area the parking area is about (10’4″×18’0) and big enough  .lets talk about the first block it has two bedrooms kitchen and a living room where you can put all your essential things the area of the living room is (12″0×16’4″) and the area of kitchen (12’0×8’0) the kitchen size is also ample and to make it extra spacious the use of modular fittings is the must and for ventilation.

40×60 house plans north facing

One room is a little bigger than the other, the sizes are as follows the master bedroom is about (12’4″×12) and the other room is about (12×8). Let’s talk about the second block this block is slightly bigger than the first one and also more spacious and has two bedrooms with attached washrooms, a kitchen, and a living room with a dining area the area of the living and dining room is approximately (20’8″×13’4″) it is a really big living room where you can put tv sofa and many more essential things. The kitchen is approximately (14’0″×9′).

40 by 60 house plan

The bedroom is approx (14’×12′) and the master bedroom is also larger than the standard size where you can put a king-size bed and still have room for a large wardrobe and dressing. This house plan is suitable for two families of 4.

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