30×50 house plans east facing

East facing 30×50 house plan with 2 3 bedrooms car parking

This is a 30×50 house plans east facing as per Vastu. This arrangement has 2 rooms and 2 washrooms, the restroom is bigger than the standard size and is extensive size is approx 6″8′ ×4″00′ and it is connected to the room which is before the drawing territory, another room is alongside living region and it is the main room of the house it is really open and bigger than the standard main room the are of this room is approx ( 14″00’× 14″4′ ).

30x50 house plans east facing
30×50 house plans east facing


30x50 house plans east facing
30×50 house plans east facing

This 2bhk is made as per the Vastu, with enough measure of room in it. In like manner halting and a parlor sufficiently huge to put all of the major things needed in the parlor. Stopping is in the east corner of the passage, which likewise has an extremely huge grass territory where you can make a little nursery, yard size is approx (10″0’×3″8′), And on the opposite side, the yard region is approx 9×8.

30x50 house plans with car parking

living size (9″0’×15″2′) approx and is sufficiently enormous to put your vehicle, on the way to the lounge making it simpler to get to straightforwardly from the living, parlor, and the drawing-room (19″4’×12″0′)(approx), the fundamental access to the house is in the east gone out, this is to diminish the distance to arrive at different segments of the house and it also gives the isolated area.

30×50 house plans with car parking

Directly close by with a primary passageway, we have an entryway for the lounge area, Suitable for a group of 5 it likewise has a washroom joined to each room The eating area is the center space of this plan it approaches 4 domains through its entrances it’s still outstandingly close to the passage.

30 50 house plans

we have a kitchen on the side of the feasting and a room as an afterthought, The Kitchen size is 9×12 approx. is likewise with the storeroom (9″0’×8″4′)and to make it extra extensive the utilization of measured fittings is an unquestionable requirement and for ventilation, the washing territory in the south side of the kitchen gives a fundamental measure of light and air to keep this space clean and this space additionally gives ventilation to the rooms.

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