35 x 50 house plans

35 x 50 house plans with 3 bedrooms car parking

This is a 35 x 50 house plans with a big family, a 3bhk house plan with big car parking, a living attach to dining, 3 bedrooms, a toilet, etc.

35 x 50 house plans
35 x 50 house plans

The overall welcoming outcome of the 1750 sqft house plan has primary functions of living kitchen dining and a bedroom on the ground floor the kitchen further opens up to the utility which is also connected to the parking area living and dining are placed linearly open up to the side garden passage creating an airy peaceful and quiet space the bedroom at the back comprises of earthy interiors enhanced through the lights and plantation in the backdrop the proportions of openings bring in the required light.

35×50 house plans east facing

Ventilation prevents the harsh sun the first floor caters to three bedrooms with an attached dress toilet, and an open balcony with two bedrooms backside the exterior glazing opens to the large horizontal balcony interior, however, feels vibrant and voluminous by massing and interior furnishings by adding value and dictating the spaces.

35 x 50 house plans
35 x 50 house plans

The bedroom at the front is connected to a huge set-out balcony helping to connect the family with nature and themselves shaded with a pergola the balcony creates air corridors for internal as well as external spaces.

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  1. Please help to provide 3 bhk duplex plan for north facing plot as vastu ..
    2 bhk in GF and 1 r 2 rooms in First floor…
    I would like to leav front area min 16-17 feet as open


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