30×30 floor plan

30×30 floor plan with Vastu

The 30×30 floor plan with Vastu that we are going to tell you about today is made in an area of ​​30×30 square feet. This is a 2BHK ground floor plan. In this plan, you will get to see all kinds of modern technology and facilities which makes your daily work easier. Interior decoration of this plan can also be done and exterior design can also be made.

30x30 floor plan
30×30 floor plan

After this, along with the exterior design, the design of the front elevation can also be made very well. Its construction enhances the beauty of your home. While designing this plan, every little thing has been taken care of very well so that there is no shortage of any kind. Now let us see this plan in detail, how it is made and the size of which area has been kept. The parking area of ​​this plan is not very large.

30×30 house plan

At the beginning of the plan, the porch or verandah whose size is 9×4 comes first. In this area, you can plant some trees and plants which can be planted in pots. Now on entering the house, the first comes the living area or hall whose size is 11×12. In this area you can install a TV, you can also make a cabinet for the TV. After this, you can keep a nice sofa set and keep whatever decorative item you want to keep. The interior decoration of this area has also been done very well.

2bhk 30×30 floor plan

Indoor plants can also be placed here. Now on going further from here comes the lobby area or dining area whose size is 9×10. In this area, you can keep your dining table, there is also a TV unit, in which if you want, you can put a TV. There is also a staircase in the lobby area, with the help of which you can go up to the terrace.

After this comes the kitchen whose size is 7×10. It is a modular kitchen with all modern fittings and facilities. There are also cabinets for storage in which you can store your belongings. After this comes the bedroom whose size is 12×12. In this room, you can have a double bed and make a wardrobe.

The interior decoration of this room is very well done. Now comes the common washroom whose size is 4×6. After this comes the second bedroom, whose size is 11×11, in this room, you can put a TV, keep a bed and can also make a wardrobe. There is a store room in this room in which you can store your belongings.

30 by 30 house plan with car parking

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