17 40 house plan with car parking

17 40 house plan with car parking

17 40 house plan with car parking 2 bedrooms 1 big living hall, kitchen with dining, 2 toilets, etc. 680 sqft best house plan with all dimension details.

This house plan is a 3BHK duplex floor plan built in an area of ​​17X40 square feet, in which the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and common washroom are made on the ground floor. And to go upstairs, the stairs are made from the porch itself, 2 bedrooms have been made on the upper floor, in which there is also an attached washroom and a balcony is also built above. This is a 17X40 duplex house plan which can be included in the category of modern house design because it has both interior and exterior decoration which is also necessary for the modern house plan. This house plan is small as well as attractive, in today’s time people like to build small houses anyway and modern, from which they can make some changes later.

17 40 house plan with car parking
17 40 house plan with car parking

17 x 40 Duplex house plan

GROUND FLOOR: At the beginning of the plan comes the first porch whose size is 7×6 and this is where the staircase is made so that one can go to the upper floor, now ongoing inside from here comes the living room whose size is 10×12 In this room you can get a TV cabinet made, you can get wall painting done, you can keep sofa set if you want to keep the couch.

Then you can keep it, after going further from here comes the kitchen whose size is 8×10 and it is modular There is a kitchen in which there is a cabinet for storage, all types of facilities are available, everything is designed in a modern way. After this comes the bedroom whose size is 10×12, in this room, you can keep a bed, make a wardrobe and get any interior decoration done. After this comes the common washroom whose size is 7×5. Now

17 x 40 house plan west face

FIRST FLOOR: Ongoing up the stairs, first comes the balcony, whose size is 7×6, from here comes the living room whose size is 8×10, here you can keep whatever sofa couch you want to keep. Going ahead from here comes the first bedroom, whose size is 14×10, in this room you can have a double bed, you can install a TV, and you can also make a wardrobe. After this comes the second bedroom whose size is 10×10 and in this room also you can keep and make beds, wardrobes, everything like the first one. There are windows and ventilators in all the rooms of this 17 40 house plan with car parking plan so that there will be no problem with light and fresh air will keep coming.

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