25 by 60 house design

25 by 60 house plan with 2 bedrooms big car parking

This is a 25 by 60 house design/25 60 house plan with 2 bedrooms., This is a 25 by 60 house design east facing house with 25 feet road east side it consists of 2 bedrooms, a living area, a drawing area, 2 attached bathrooms, and parking area, and a lawn area Now

25 by 60 house design
25 by 60 house design

let’s see all 25 by 60 ka naksha area and rooms details first we have a parking area (11’8″×16’6″) straight to the parking we have a staircase and right side of the parking area we have a lawn area(12’8″×8’4″).

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as we open the main door of the house we see the small passage on the right of it we have a drawing room of area(12’0″×12’0″) attached to it we have one bedroom of an area of about (12’0″×12’4″).

One large window opens on the lawn side after the drawing room as we go straight we see the living room area about (15’4″×16’8″) there are 2 toilets attached with a bathroom on the right side of the living area (5’8″×5’4″) and another one (8’0″×4’4″) area.

25 by 60 house design east-facing house

At last, we see a kitchen area on the left-hand side and another bedroom on another side Kitchen area is about (11’4″×9’4″) and there is a small wash area attached to the kitchen which is about (11’4″×5’0″).

Where can wash both utensils and clothes next to the kitchen we see another bedroom which is about (12’0″×14’8″) are both bedrooms are spacious enough for a wardrobe, dressing area, and king-size bed. On the other hand, the first-floor plan has a 4bhk house plan.

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