18×40 house plans

18×40 house plans

18×40 house plans east facing with Vastu 1 bedrooms 2 big living hall, kitchen with dining, 2 toilets, etc. 720 sqft house plan.


18x40 house plans
18×40 house plans

Today we are going to tell you about the 18×40 house plans that have been prepared in an area of ​​720 square feet, the length and width of this plan are 18 and 40 respectively. In this plan, two bedrooms, a hall, kitchen, common washroom, and porch or parking area are made, all the things made in this plan are the same things necessary in a house.

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This plan has been designed very well, if you want to make any kind of change, then it depends on you. Provided they are good and you liked them too. Now let us talk about this 18×40 square feet plan.

18 * 40 house plan with car parking

At the beginning of the plan, the parking area or porch, whose size is 8×7, comes first, where you can park your vehicle and there is also a staircase in this area, with the help of which you can go up to the terrace.

This, ongoing further from here comes the living room or hall whose size is 14×11, in this area, you can put a TV, get wall decoration, keep a sofa set, and keep a center table along with the sofa set Huh. The better the hall is decorated, the better your home will look.

18×40 house plans east facing

After this, ongoing further from here comes the kitchen cum dining area, which is 7×8 in size, here you can also place a dining table and this kitchen is a modular kitchen in which you will get to see all kinds of modern technology and facilities.

But you can also keep a small God’s temple in a house, the kitchen is the main room. After this comes the common washroom whose size is 4×6. This comes to the bedroom, which the size of the first bedroom is 8×10.

A comes to the second bedroom, whose size is 10×11, in this room, you can keep a double bed, make a wardrobe and keep whatever things you want to keep.

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